Centurions Drum and Bugle Corps

Centurions Drum & Bugle Corps

The Centurions Drum & Bugle Corps is a branch of the Enfield Performing Arts Group from Enfield, CT and are also sponsored by Sacred Heart Church of Feeding Hills, MA. The Corps is an all age drum corps and competes in the Drum Corps Association (DCA) Class "A" Division. Based in Feeding Hills Massachusetts and Enfield Connecticut, we have a dedicated group of staff, volunteers and drum corps professionals who diligently worked on this year's Field Show. Rehearsals and performances are held on weekends allowing performers and staff to maintain their careers at work, studies in school and positions in the community.

Throughout the 2014 season the Centurions will perform in various parades, local events, and drum corps competitions. Our season will conclude during the Labor Day weekend at the Drum Corps Associates Class "A" Championships, in Rochester, NY.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Centurions Drum & Bugle Corps is to provide young adults and their families an activity that instills pride, teamwork, motivation, leadership, self-esteem and values that are carried back into the community in which they reside.

As a Centurion, you will be regarded as a key member in a highly respective musical unit, reflecting a credit upon the organization and community that the Centurions represent.

Join The Centurions

If you are interested in joining the Centurions, please contact Corps Director Nick Yaworski at: nyaworski@sbcglobal.net.